Leandro Coradini

Leandro Coradini

Hi, my name is Leandro Nery Coradini.
I have 30 years old.

I’m Designer, with 11 years of experience, passionate by games, Design, Pop Culture, Nerd Stuff, Nature, Photography and more.

My area of focus lies in designing web and mobile products, user research as well as leading of design & front-end teams. I enjoy designing and coding the UI as much as talking with users to iterate and improve the experiences that reach business goals.

Currently working as Sr. Design at Wine.com.br

Besides that I have some personal projects like a game I’m launched for Oculus Quest from Meta, and some freelancer jobs that you will find here.


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Let’s talk about your project and how I can help you or if you just want to chat about design and art - shoot me a message at contato@leandrocoradini.com.br or WhatsApp.

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